Friday, October 16, 2015

Safety in Hiking and Travel

This is what I read just a few day ago:
Three people have been accused of killing a Canadian backpacker and a yoga instructor in San Francisco.
Sean Michael Angold, Morrison Haze Lampley and Lila Scott Alligood committed the murders with a stolen gun, say authorities.They were arrested in Oregon and are heading back to California, where they are expected to be charged.Backpacker Audrey Carey, 23, from Quebec, was found dead in Golden Gate Park in early October.
She was on her first solo backpacking trip and had been travelling in California for a week when she was robbed and killed.Yoga teacher Steve Carter was shot multiple times two days later on a trail 20 miles (32 km) north of the city. Carter was out hiking with his dog, who was also shot but is expected to survive.
The three suspects were arrested at a homeless shelter in Portland, Oregon, after being tracked through the navigation system of Carter's stolen car, detective said. They could appear in court on Tuesday.Marin County sheriff's lieutenant Doug Pittman said they had no fixed abode and seemed to be "living off the radar".

I have done many hikes or better to say most of the hikes by myself including one in a very quite area, the Buckskin Gulch hike in Utah and had this plan for the next summer to do a number of hikes in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, all by myself. Although I have to cancel my trip, most likely but I always thought the US and all western and northern European countries are safe for traveling, scrambling and hiking and in fact Government of Canada Travel Advisory confirms that but looks like I have to be careful.
(Photo: Lone hikers normally do not have a photo of themselves walking in wilderness although with today's technology they can. All these new Canon cameras and maybe other brands as well could be used with a remote control. Mine is old and cannot have it. Nevertheless it becomes very tiring and time consuming if you want a shot for yourselves. This one I took it from my buddy when we were up on Plateau Mountain)

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