Friday, October 23, 2015

Back to Mobile Phone

After more than a year I finally was forced to switch back to mobile phone. The landline we had was fine but on different occasions things happened that The Lady was really not happy with that. We checked a few service providers and eventually we went to the cheapest one: Wind. I still have the other mobile which is used by The Lady and I have been with them since 2006 but the handset is old and she's looking for a new one but is not easy for her to chose one. I got this telephone handset by Alkatel which I like so far. I paid $114 with taxes and everything but it is good. I really didn't want to spend this much on a handset but when I first got a Chinese copy of Nokia C2, I realized that it was a piece of shit just after one day! The bastards have copied the phone and eliminated some of the features and are selling it for some $50! The next least expensive in the market was a flip phone from LG for approximately $100. So The Lady told me to get this One Touch phone from Alkatel and I did and so far everything is good but still does not have some of the features that I am used to in my Nokia C2! I had a very durable Alkatel back in the old country and at the time mobile phones would be considered something fancy and people at work were impressed. I was able to do some telephone banking via this phone which was not available to my colleague when I work for that silly ridiculous company, SAIPA. My service is a basic and costs some $25 a month. No downloading, no Internet, no apps, no bullish. I leave it to others to enjoy these kind of services and make the service providers rich. I only talk and barely! And rarely text!
(Photo: Alkatel One Touch is considered an Android OS phone and looks nice. I have all of the apps you see on the screen but am have disabled them all)

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