Thursday, October 01, 2015

Bill C-24

Bill C-24 which became a law in June of this year has become a hot topic of discussion between the parties for the upcoming October federal election. This law which also is called Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act allows the Federal Government to revoke Canadian citizenship from people convicted of act of terrorism, treason and espionage provided they are also citizens of a second country.
While this is not bad but I guess it's not enough to keep Canada safe from the freaks who look at each and every way to harm the country and its people.
One good example of that is this guy who has just been released from Guantanamo Bay, Omar Khadr. He was fighting with Al-Qauda against Americans in Afghanistan and got wounded during a firefight. He was captured, treated for his wounds and then transferred to and kept in Guantanamo Bay for years for killing an American soldier.
The charges were ridiculous because I don't think you can put someone on trail and sentence him because he was fighting with you, although he was never tried and was kept there without much activity. But that's not the point. The point is Khadr is born in Canada and is citizen of no other country! The thing that shocked me a little was the reaction of British and other Caucasian Canadians who have other country's citizenship. Many of them were opposing to this law. Both of the leaders of NDP and Liberal are against this law. I don't know whether they would be able to do anything, if they have the majority government. I think once a bill is turned to a law it cannot be taken out but I'm not sure. I don't know much or better to say anything about the Parliament and the way bills are turned to laws in Canada. I believe if you wanted to find the root cause of this problem that would be opening the doors and let everyone in.
Omar Khadr spent years in Guantanamo and he is now a free man. Has he changed or is he the same man of 2000's?
That's what Canada has been doing for the past 20 years or so and in the recent years it has been increased. Every years more than 200,000 people come to the country, What percentage of them value Canadian culture and belief? 1%, 2%?! If he's Irish, British or even German, at least they have something in common but 1% is nothing! All those weirdos from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Somali, Afghanistan, Sudan, you name it they don't care about Hockey Night in Canada or Parliament Hill or Thanksgiving. What they care about is their Al-Jazeera, Long beard and train of kids they produce. They cannot find themselves within Canadian society. Some took it easily. Some, particularly the young, take it seriously. They take an offence and they stand against the country they grew up in. They become Khadr or many other unnamed men who have joined ISIS (or whatever is called now) or are thinking of joining them. You need Bill C-24 and even something more stronger than that. I hope it's not too late because I want to live in peaceful society and that's why I'm here not to grow beard and put my head on the floor and my ass in the air. 
(Photo, top: This clown, I think it would be an insult for the clowns, with the stinking beard and Pathan/Taliban stupid hat was a Canadian Idol contestant who then turned terrorist. I guess he participated to make fun of the show and I think he was acquitted later)

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