Saturday, October 10, 2015

Unusually Warm

It has been warmer than usual in the past two days or so. I remember just last weekend when I went to Brow-Lowery Provincial Park and how cold it was even at noon. It is now some 24 ÂșC which I find it disgusting for this time of the year. Hiking would probably not a bad area but I checked around and there is either rain or snow! Besides after being fucked that hard, I don't think anyone would want to hike although I have done jogging, weightlifting and walking because they have all been free. For hiking I need gasoline and that has gone up to ¢115.9 since last weekend that I purchased!
Nevertheless we have this unconfirmed plan to do a hike together finally with The Hope for one of the coming days. We'll see.
(Photo: I took this photo from Downtown Calgary form the high part of the city around 4th St. A thick and oddly-shaped covered the area. No rain or snow though) 

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