Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cheap System for Cheap and Deceiving Person

We seldom visit a local Wal-Nasty-Mart and that's only because at times you can find fresh vegetables and fruits in reasonable prices although that is not the case always. This past weekend we went there and luckily it was not very crowded. While entering there's a glass box for money donation. I don't know whether it is custom in all Wal-Nasty-Marts or this location only provides that but at the corner of my eye I saw a foreign bill which looks a little bit similar to Canadian $5! Apparently one of these asylum seekers from a nasty shit-hole who make up any possible story to come here and use the benefits had felt funny and said to his cheapskate fellas that he wanted to have some fun. So he felt like a hero and dropped a 20 whatever bill of his nasty, cheap, fucked-up hole in the box. This money if it was useful, had not been dropped by this piece of shit! a 20 something in a Caribbean or South American country is not even worth receiving spit in the face, this animal knew but he's lucky that he was let in and contaminate Canada by his silly jokes. 
But there's no surprise in the whole story here. The moral of this short encounter is that no matter who the final receiver of this money box is, a cheap and deceiving system, attracts a cheap and deceiving person. Wal-Nasty-Mart probably has the highest rate of shoplifting among all the stores in North America because you mostly wouldn't go there unless you're underpaid, broke, a felon or cheap. A system who employs mostly foreigners who have absolutely no other option and pays them $10.5 an hour, attracts people at the same level of thinking and same moral. 
(Photo: I took this shot from the top of the box which shows the 20 currency bill almost at the center with a $5 Canadian)

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