Thursday, January 07, 2016

Fucked Up in Calgary, Again!

... Well this is the truth. We all have to accept. Today is the seventh and nothing! Once again I was thrown to the starting point! I don't know how long it will be but seems its long!
Many have left the city, went back to their towns and countries of their origin. I don't think I have this choice. Lots of empty rental units and house for sale, of course. Wondering who would buy! I saw Keiv today. He surprised me by sending a text message and I joined him during his lunch break. He's doing' OK. He played smarted and just at the same time that I joined my previous work, he got a position with a client company and has been there since.
Lots of positions are seen on the web and I have applied for a few and will apply for a few more but who gets these jobs? Lots of people out of work!
Triple T, or as I named him in a post earlier, Y. Z. was out of work as well. Contacted him before the New Year and that is what he confirmed. Of course I had heard that from The Mumbling Guy earlier. He is the one whom would be looked at person who unlikely get's laid off but seems no one is immune. Just like the people who lost their job shortly after I did, in the company. 
(Photo: Lots of signs are seen all around the city offering rental prices. I just spotted 6 in one street a while ago. This is a good advertisement for the owner of this property! Give it a call and see if you like to move. I bet it is still available!) 

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