Thursday, January 28, 2016

Effects of Sleepness

For two night in a row I had difficulty sleeping. It was mostly due to eating too much, too late. Or maybe eating items with bigger than usual digestion time because not chewed enough! Whatever the reason was It had a very bad affect on me. Then this damn Gout Attack accrued. This time on my left elbow. It was so bad that I was not able to basically do anything with my left hand. I could not raise the hand or bend from the joint. For example if I wanted to scratch my eyebrow, it was impossible. I don't know what triggered that but it could have been some damn sugary false/fake fruit juices! I normally don't get this stuff and I was not aware that their bad effect was that significant. The pain was excruciating but I remember that a physician told me once that no matter I watch I eat, the attack occurs. It took probably two weeks, maybe more. Today and yesterday I feel a little better. Just more than a week ago I had the same feeling but it came back harder. 
Lack of sleep has significant affects on daily life. I tactfully experienced what George Orwell has described in his book Homage to Catalonia. It is about the Spanish Civil War where he was a volunteer and got wounded and magically survived. He says in the book that lack of sleep as result of long hours of being up and watching the trench and surrounding causes dumbness and slowness! Orwell is excellent in the way he explains what he experiences and it is not just in that book , or for that matter another similar book of him, The Road to Wigan Pier, it is in other books of him such as 1984 and Animal Farm.
Orwell is seen here, the tallest almost at the center, with his comrades during Spanish Civil War in 1930's. A wonderful writer and a wonderful man, he volunteered fighting against forces supporting Spanish dictator at the time Francisco Franco. He seriously was injured and as he has written in his book Homage to Catalonia, a physicians told him that the bullet has gone past his aorta within a milliliter. I have to read that book again as well as Spanish War but do I have time? I have to make some. 
Anyways I was not able to focus and I was not able to get my thoughts together and it was very annoying and frustrating. The annoyance was piled up when the pain was extended and I had simply to drop everything and just sit! Even sitting was not convenient but sleeping was worse. I barely could sleep on my left side and sleeping on the right side was not much easier. turning and tossing was another painful thing. I tried a pill that I had been prescribed long time ago. It had never been touched but the bottle is empty. Drinking water and Baking Soda resolved in water was other treatments. Some think toothache is bad but I believe that Gout is more sever. I hope people learn from this and avoid too much Red Meat, Seafood and Alcohol as well as stress because these are the main causes of Gout but people's body is different. Mine is just apparently producing too much Uric Acid which is the cause of Gout. My father had excessive Uric Acid too but no Gout as far as I clearly remember. This gores to show that one item acts differently in two different bodies.
(Photos: This has happened to me many times that I was not able to sleep)

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