Saturday, January 23, 2016

Newlywed's Plans

Newlywed, and maybe it's not a valid nickname for this fella since he has now been married for maybe 2.5 years but compare to others he still is a newlywed person, was so proud that he had his job when they threw me out late last year and in a meeting we had he said this and that how he has this plan and that plan. He received the same treatment as mine, shortly after! The only difference was that they gave him a longer time because they wanted him to work on thing which had been assigned to him. I told the idiot not to put so much effort to it now that they were going to toss him out but he said he liked what he was doing and he wanted to finish it.
After he was out, he first moved out of his apartment and then told me that he wanted to go to British Columbia, more specifically Vancouver to relax a little bit! I was quite surprised because I know his was was pregnant and he was not taking her. So I wondered how he could leave his pregnant wive and have fun and relax in Vancouver.
A week after he called as I had left her with now contact and he complained as why I did not contact. I claimed that I was busy. He, this time, suggested to go to Las Vegas! I always wanted to go to Las Vegas and that was not because of its casinos and other adult entertainment. It is because Las Vegas is the closest city to Death Valley National Park and there are lost of wonderful hikes and other things to do there. Also Lake Mead is close and offers different sources of entertainment. But I never make rush decision about a trip. I have to plan way ahead before I go. Besides Newlywed would be the last person on Earth that I wanted to go with! The stupidity of him does not end here! He wants to go to Las Vegas for some fun, according to him and then to another city and I quote here to talk to some recruiter and give out his resume! He wants to do all that in 2 to 3 days! This absolutely insane particularly when he says, and I quote again, we go to Las Vegas and then New York and it will not cost more than $500 or a little more. I told him that Las Vegas was in central and New York in East Coast. Besides there's hardly any job that we can find in New York in a 2-3 days trip, if any is available! This guy has never been anywhere but his homeland and a few cities in Canada and think going from here to there is as easy as getting a coffee from Tim Horton's! 
However I didn't want to disappoint him. I didn't say I would not be going with him. I said that I would be working on a plan and will get in touch with him. Who knows? I might need him one day. Maybe I travel to his homeland. My father used to say: 1000 friends is not too many, one enemy is

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