Saturday, January 02, 2016

Fido's Ending after 9 Years

I ended my relationship with Fido after 9 years toady. It was not a bad service but The Lady got a service from another provider and I got mine too. This was being used by her in the past 4 years or so. The hardest part before cancellation was when I wanted to use the $100 Fido Dollars I had accumulated. I soon realized it's nonsense!
First I went to Fido booth in North Hill Center, of course after calling and making sure they were open, yesterday. I wanted to get a flip phone with that. I was told I had to go to a " corporate " store as that wasn't! So it was a waste of time and gasoline going there, although the guy might have lied just because he didn't want to give away phones without getting money! I don't know and I don't care know! Then I went to Fido store in Chinook Center. I was told I had to pay a $25 " administration fee " for a stupid flip phone and that cannot be paid by Fido Dollars! That was there that I said puck it! I don't care about a fake perk provided by theses guys. I called their customer service and they were closed! So today calling them was the fist thing I did after waking up! It took about 10 min. and that was it. I don't even owe them a Penny. That was it.

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