Saturday, April 15, 2017

CFLRS Notes (2): Daily Rutine

Daily routines in CFLRS are not easy. At least that's how I look at it. Wake up is at 05:00 hours but if you really want to get your things done, you either have to wake up between 04:15 and 04:30 or don't sleep at all! I remember that I slept only 20 min. one night but still was not able to get the things done completely! I guess the average sleep hours in the garrison does not go over 2.5 to 3 hours at its best! The first 4 weeks are crucial. It gets better after that.
Breakfast starts at 05:30 hours and there's always a damn long line when you get there and you barely can breath. Lunch is at around 11:00 hours, if I remember correctly. Same story. Sometimes easier. I will write about the quality of food separably but it's funny that getting to the restaurant (Or as it's called in the garrison, the kitchen[!]) requires going up a set of stairs and then going down another set of stairs! Everything is designed to have some sort of discomfort for the recruits! They should not feel ease or comfort at all at any stage of their miserable life during BMOQ or BMQ.
Dinner or supper starts at 16:30 or 17:00! As bad as the food is, it's nothing worse than eating too early or too late! Many go to the local Subway in an hour or two and stuff themselves with other food-like items! But I have to mention here that access to Subway or the only store in the garrison, is only available after a certain number of weeks. Subway also offers a Wi-Fi environment. Many hang out in there just to use their computers and laptop, mostly to chat or play video games. Lights out is at 23:00 hours but many have to stay up long after to get their things done or they will be screwed the day after. However if the staff catch them, they will be in world of shit! Fortunately I never experienced or witness any one being caught after the hours. Moving from place to place in garrison is performed only by the way of marching, unless the recruit is ill or sick and has a special permit from the clinic which is called MIR in the garrison, with no one knows what it stands for! It's even written clinic on the top of the building, itself (and in French Clinique)! The clinic is a controversial section of the school which I will have a separate post for that. 

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