Thursday, April 20, 2017

CFLRS Notes (5): FORCE Test

Many, including me, thought if they passed FORCE Test, everything else would be as easy as a piece of cake! Wrong! Big time! FORCE Test is important and everyone had to pass it in order to get to the training sequence but not as important as it might seem because the times which should be beaten is easily accessible by most of the recruits with average fitness level. Many were extremely nervous before the test but I was as cool as cucumber(!) because I was 100% certain I would pass it easily. 
Look at one of the tests: Sandbag lift. The recruit has to lift a bag of 20 Kg to the height of 1 m., drop it, jumps sideways to right (or to left, if started from right) lift another one to the same height and then drop it. The recruit has to repeat this 30 times (15 each side) in 03:30 min. I did that in 01:32 min.
I did not do badly in the next station either but in the third one I felt tired and in the last exercise, after I was told timing didn't matter, I got slow and the trainer thought I had difficulty! Overall I passed the test in Bronze Zone with 26 points away from Silver while it could have been much better, had I preformed better in the last station. 
One another reason why I think I could have done better is that the day before we worked hard to get our personal stuff to the fifth floor where our pods were located. I don't remember how many times I went up and down those damn stairs but It was a lot! I'm sure it was deliberately planned to have that moving day scheduled before FORCE Test day but what the hell? I passed that and I'm not worried about it any more.
(Photo: The result of each individual's test is recorded in a system where later PSP [Personal Support Programs] staff explain to them. I assume there will be another test in a few weeks to see whether there has been any improvement or not. There would be a post about that)

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