Friday, April 14, 2017

CFLRS Notes (1): Arrival

I finally got to fly to Montreal in early Mar. but due to lack of access to Internet I post the stories of my BMOQ with a month delay and for a few days. It's obvious that I have no intention to reveal anything that must not be known to the public. With that being said the sickos who intend to harm me by finding secrets revealed by me, I have to say: I'm not sorry to disappoint you!
Anyways we arrived at Pierre E. Trudeau International Airport in Montreal in the evening. I don't know what time it was because it's been a month since that night but I know we only had the time to walk across the airport to get ourselves at the gathering point where other recruits were supposed to meet to get on a bus and get to the garrison.  The trip to the training center was no fun. One hour on a packed bus on Quebec roads to Saint Jean Sur Richelieu
After a few preliminary things we were directed to a room with mats on the floor and we were ordered to open our baggage for inspection. Our room was inspected by SGT Senior Instructor who, I later found, to be one of our instructors. He was fair but he told me that I cannot take my food (nuts, date) with me and had to put them in a bag. He gave me a receipt for that after I did so. This was not what I had been told in the recruiting center but that was OK. 
We then were dirrected to our pods. Each pod contains 6 individual rooms, one common room and one bathroom. It's hard to remember any detail but I remember I dislikes the pillow the moment I saw it because it was very puffy but after a month it's not a thing even to mention! That's all about the arrival night or arriving night, whichever is correct. Might not easy to sleep the first night as jet lag is added to being displaced but like many other things, you're get used to it. 

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