Sunday, April 16, 2017

CFLRS Notes (3): Food and Drinks

The recruits have three rations every day at CFLRS. Eating is prohibited in the pods (rest area in general) and is only allowed in the break areas during training hours. There's a Subway that many hang out there after hours when they want to try something different and be connected to Internet.
Breakfast is good. It contains freshly cracked fried Egg, Bacon (which is not freshly made and I've never tried!), baked Beans (which looks like has come out of a can. I tried once and didn't like as somehow was under-cooked), Pork Sausage (similar to what you get in Denny's. They are tasty but not good for you! I, at times, try one), boiled Egg, Oatmeal, different types of fake Jams(!), different types of breads and bagels and of course Tea, Coffee and artificial(!) fruit Juices and other horrible, disgusting drinks!
Lunch and dinner are quite similar and there's only two words to describe them for what you get: Disgusting and horrible!
The food is old and always covered with a disgusting sauce! They don't even ask if you need it or not! Salad is available too but you can see how old it is by just looking at the pieces but it's better than many other food. I mostly eat salad for many of my meals. Different types of fruits are available as dessert: Cut Watermelon (which looks so disgusting that I turn my head away every time I reach the fruit section!), cut Cantaloupe (not so good either. Tried a few times and felt bad. The cuts are unreasonably thin!) Kiwi is not bad. You can find good pieces. Grapes are OK. Never tried apples. They don't look very appetizing! cut Pineapple are tried a few times and most of the time they tasted like rind!) Pears are mostly unripe! Barely found a good piece. Sugary desserts of different kinds are served in huge amounts: Cakes, Cookies, slices of Pies and other similar products. Mostly just full of sugar and colours and nothing else. Tried different kinds, several times and I'm ashamed of that!
The amount of waste is unbelievable. People stack food in their trays as much as they can and then a great amount of that goes to waste. You can eat healthy there but your choices are very limited and the food is always boring, bland and bad looking!

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