Saturday, April 29, 2017

CFLRS Notes (6): The Abusers

It didn't take long to me to learn that there is a good percentage of the recruits who actually come to CFLRS for things rather than being part of CAF! Yes! It might sound strange but the following a few categories of those individuals:
1) Collect cheques from the Federal Government, spend the money on computer, strippers, prostitutes, alcohol, weed and other drugs and go back home because they never saw that much money (as much as $1200 per months) in their life and probably that would be as much as they make, if they found a job.
2) Find a mate (girlfriend/boyfriend). Fuck her/him for a while. Stay with her/him for a while to see if it taste good after that while or not and go from there.
3) Find a way to file for VR (Voluntary Release) and possibly combine that with do-nothing-for-as-long-as-possible and if they're smart enough, (in their philosophy of living!), get permanent disability fund.
There might be other reasons but these are the three main ones. 
I understand that someone might go to CFLRS (or any other work-place or school for that matter) and finds it hard to continue. Abusing the system is wrong and unfortunately I have to say that the Government provides them with that opportunity. 
(Photo: Regular [Perhaps better to say old], Canadian Armed Forces recruit uniform, also called Combat Shirt. Unlike what I said above, majority of the recruits go to the school with the aim of finishing it and join the Forces but many plan to leave by the end of their first contract)

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