Tuesday, July 04, 2017

CFLRS Notes (24): What the Valuable Time was Spent on

Everyone brags about how great their life will be after they join CAF; their benefits, salaries and most importantly, their pension. That's totally understandable. After years of misery, you, as a retired CAF member, would get a reasonable pension that you can manage the rest of life with less worry.
For me this is different. I have this great poem from one of the greatest which goes:

عمر گرانمایه در این صرف شد
تا چه خورم سیف و چه پوشم شتا
ای شکم خیره به نانی بساز
تا نکنی‌ پشت به خدمت دوتا

It means: 
The precious life was spent on what to wear this summer and to eat in winter. Oh the stubborn human being! Just accept whatever is available and you will have an easy life and won't have to bow to everyone. 
I know it's probably not the best interpretation but I hope it transfers the message. This great poem and many others is from the great Persian poet, Saadi Shirazi who was born around 1210 and two of the greatest poem books of the all time, Bustan and Golestan, both mean Garden of Flowers of different kinds and they really are garden of flowers which will never perish.  
I will go back to civilian life and do my best to get a job in my field. If I can't I will try to get a regular job and will live with that. That will not be the end of the world. It will be much better than going the misery of CAF life. Sorry CAF members, it's just not for me. You guys all enjoy your military lives and its benefits. 
(Photo: Tomb of Saadi, the great Persian Poet drawn by French architect Pascal Coste. He traveled to Iran during Qajar dynasty and drew pictures of many ancient places which today have significant value as a number of them do not exist)

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