Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The (Not!) Stolen Vehicle

I did a stupid mistake when I left home for Quebec and that was leaving the car on the street with the hope that nothing happens to it although the car has been broken into once and scratched several times! One day I received a call from Mom indicating that the the car had been gone! Stolen! I was both mad at me and her. I was mad at me because I should not have left the vehicle on the damn street of disgusting downtown Calgary. I was mad at Mom because what I could do from more than 3600 Km away!
I started thinking. This is not a kind of vehicle that could be stolen easily. The time that it was broken into, one of the back doors had been left unlocked accidentally by a passenger. One thing came to mind was: Damn street cleaning but before that I called the damn Calgary Parking Authority. The thieves of the city who make the easiest money! I asked if they had a record of my car. The lady at the other side of line was actually was very nice and helpful and after several minutes she concluded that the car was not in the city parking lot and must have been left on one of the streets around the neighbourhood. 
I asked Mom to check and it was not found until finally a few days later she said that she had seen it parked on a steer not far from the place. She had seen it on her way to a local supermarket. 
We then decided not to leave it there. I forgot to indicate that I had to call the city police and file a stolen vehicle report which later was removed when it was found! 
I asked a new buddy of mine to go with Mom, grabs the car and park it somewhere safe. After that we decided to park it in the underground parking of the apartment just to be sure although we have to pay those thieves $50 a month! I will take the car out as soon as I can and leave that damn neighbourhood as soon as possible. One thing I was sure about was that the car, which was bought brand new in 2009 could not be stolen that easy. It was proven to me!
(Photo: For this post I use this artist's painting of someone trying to break into a car. Hope she or he doesn't mind it)

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