Friday, August 18, 2017

CFLRS Notes (36): CAC-PAR

The recruits who are to be released from the Forces, without being graduated, are transferred to this section of the school called CAC-PAR. CAC is for the people who have done something against the school rules or are awaiting their situation to be changed and PAR is for the ones who are simply awaiting their release. Some attempt to come back. Some leave for good. PAR stands for People Awaiting Release.
What is that people do during the day? A typical day in the section starts from 08:00 until 11:30 when people leave for lunch. They need to be back to the room by 12:30 hours. Then there is normally another 3 hours. Normally at 15:30 and sometimes wait could be as long as up to 16:00. Then they are on their own. 
I spent quite a long time in this freaking section awaiting my release. However any chance I got, I tried to get the hell out. That would have happened only if someone had been moving to CAC-PAR or going to any sections of the school for his or her release process. I would be volunteer. One major problem in this section is that the PAR candidates are not allowed to participate in PT. So in order to do that I would do squats, push-ups and other simple exercises once in a while. People stay in CAC-PAR for different periods, depending their situation. There are Normal, Immediate and Accelerated release. Mine was Normal. So they kept me there for three freaking weeks! Most of the people make up a story to get the hell out as fast as possible. One example of that is my Fire Team Partner. I saw him once in TRP and asked him what had happened. He said that he had gotten pneumonia and had to leave training. Then he told me one day that he had filed for VR because he had a job offer! They released him quickly! When I called him to ask about VR process he said he wanted to come back and advised me to stay there! I said to myself: What the hell! You said you had a job offer and for that you released yourself immediately! When I asked him about the job he said the pay was not good and the hours were long! That's what every job is here in Canada, especially military jobs!
There were others who claimed that a member of their family was sick. Mostly grandparents! There was no one to ask why everyone's grandma and grandpa is sick or dying at this specific part of training and particular part of the year, all at once! There were freaking idiots who after 1 week and even 2 days had filed for VR! This clearly shows the lack of system in CAF! The recruiting centers just pour people to CFLRS without caring about them and the school as well.
The day I got released was so pleasant and I've already written about it. I think everyone else has the same feeling, with some differences. I also saw people who had been awaiting their release for over a year! It was unbelievable! I never listen to their stories but I knew an old lady from Atlantic Canada who was in TRP for 9 months because an injury! Poor people! However some don't care because they get paid! The money they had never seen in their lives!
(Photo: For this post I've chosen a map of Canada which shows Atlantic provinces where a large number of CAF candidates come from due to poor economy in the region)


Anonymous curious person said...

What exactly do you do throughout the day? You mentioned at one point you are on your own. Is there any sort of inspection or activity to do? Just sit in your room waiting the days away? Do you get to have complete access to your phone? Can you go to the Canex?

The Tough Guy said...

You do nothing! Waste of time! People play with their phones or play games available in the section. Mostly watch movies! That's all. For me, as I wrote, it was different because I was willing to help in any way and was not able to sit in that damn room all day long. So every time there was something needed, I'd volunteer to help but if that's not your thing, you can do one of the things I named above and in the post. Remember it was more than 4 years ago! Things might have changed!