Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sony's Lithium Battery

I took two extra Sony Lithium Batteries with me when I was going to Quebec with the hope that when I needed to take a photo, I would simply exchange the discharged one but when we went to Chambly Canal National Historic Site, I realized that was a mistake! Or perhaps I can call a trick by Sony! None of the other two batteries work on the camera! The camera would turn on and then the screen would go blank and this message would appear on the screen:
I don't know know what kind of funny game is this that Sony is playing! I have to keep the battery charged until it's ruined and should be thrown out or recycled and so does the camera! 
It's obvious that big companies always try to screw customers to make money. Sony is not the only one. Sony actually has lost a huge market in the past few years. It had Sony stores all around the city and now none of them exist. In Calgary there was a huge Store in 8th St. SW that I was shopped in there and got my Sony Card as well. That big store has been divided to three and none of them sells Sony products. In Market Mall and Chinook Center as well they had stores. I don't know what happened to the fist one but the one in Chinook is part of Shopper's Drug Mart now. 
I normally take my big Canon camera with me when I'm travelling but this trip was unusual and not for fun. So I only took my small Sony camera. I will check with an electronic store soon to see whether they know anything about that or not.
(Photo: Sony Lithium Battery used in small digital cameras)

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