Sunday, August 27, 2017

First Call after the Return

I received a call from a recruiting agency last week in regards to the position I had applied. That was my first call after I returned home from the damn prison! I was quite optimist although it was a temporary position. The guy asked regular questions such as:
1. Are you currently working?
2. Would you be OK with the nature of the job being temporary?
3. How much are you expecting to be paid?
4. What was your salary on the last job?
I answered them honestly and politically. My answer to the third one was Whatever the norm of the industry is. To the last one I told him the truth. He then told me that he would send me the detail of the job and would expect me to answer the next day. I agreed. The bastard never did!
The next day I send an e-mail to their general e-mail address. They said they had forwarded my e-mail (and the same resume because I had attached it) to the guy and he would contact me. He, of course never did. I assume he simply found someone with less expectations although I never specified my desired salary.
So it means my resume is not bad but there are many people out there. I've come across many positions, many good positions to be exact, in the past two week and I applied for as many as 10 maybe but that was the only answer I received. Tough out there and I have to keep trying. My experience with recruiting agencies has never been good. This, in fact was one of a few that I had been contacted from.

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