Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Shortest Interview Ever!

I was called to an interview a few days ago just one day after I applied for the position! It's not a top position but better than being unemployed or doing a labour job. At least it's in my own area of expertise. I had the phone somewhere that I didn't know where it was. So I couldn't pick up on time. The guy, who would interview me left a message. I called him back when I found the phone and told him that I was driving! He set up the time.
This is a sort of factory, of course in the industrial part of the city and it's not too far. I reached there a little early and the old lady, who was at a desk, called the guy. His office was just at the back and seemed shared a few others because there were 2 or 3 others in the room when we sat but they left shortly. When he introduced him to me on the phone his name definitely sounded Hispanic. When I met him he looked Oriental! I know that was the same person. I just don't know why he was called himself that name!
The interview didn't take long. When I sat I noticed there are a few other resumes on his desk! He pulled mine out and started asking question. He pointed at the job that I had mentioned doing in the old country before my last job in Canada! That was the only part of my resume I was able to mention the thing he wanted to read, as a direct experience with the work which is a manufacturing process. He didn't say anything about the salary because it had already been indicated in the job posting. When I told him that I had been laid off from that job, I guess I made a mistake by telling him that I had been contacted by sort of my supervisor, The Mumbling Guy, and let know that there's a chance that I would be hired for a project. I added that I prefer a more stable job. He said that they would select the person by next week and that was it. Sweet and short!
(Photo: This cartoon doesn't have anything to do with my interview but I used it here for this post. It's interesting!)


Unknown said...

All the best! Hope you will get the job😊

The Tough Guy said...

Thanks for the wish but it's gone 2 weeks already and they haven't called me. Obviously they've gone with another candidate.