Thursday, August 17, 2017

CFLRS Notes (35): The Sword of Allah(!)

This time I'm going to write about a guy whom easily can be called a dickhead! I apologize to any reader if he or she is offended but that what he really is. This fella who is introduced here as Sword of Allah and that is the translation of his name, literally, had issues with almost everyone during the training, even me! He once sees me eating Pork Sausage for breakfast and he goes: This is Pork! And I reply: So?! He goes: This is not Halal, referring to Muslim's restriction for eating any Pig product. I go: It's OK! We later got into an argument in the break room. I didn't want to disappoint him. So I fist said that the other meats he eats are not slaughtered based on Islamic laws. So they are not Halal as well and he should not eat them! The idiot didn't have any answer for that and said something nonsense such as " they are not banned meat! ". I told him that his sin was as bad as mine as long as he eats that kind of meat. Then in the fasting month of Ramadan I saw him eating all three meals of the day! I asked him why he was no fasting. He said that he needed energy! I said to him that it didn't matter if he needed energy or something else. I should have fasted! The freaking hypocrite was not able to provide an answer for that either! Then I brought another point up by saying that there are more important issues within world of Islam which must be focused on instead of eating this or that. I pointed at the problem with extremism, more specifically Taliban which we all know CAF has contributed a lot to eliminate them, dispite being unsuccessful. I asked him whether he believes that Taliban has destroyed the reputation of Islam and must be stopped and eventually eliminated. He responded that he was not sure of that and for that he needed to see their action(!) in Afghanistan to learn for himself and he doesn't have time for that! This is where I decided to talk to someone in charge so he could give a good piece of advice to this piece of shit but unfortunately I never did that and I regret it to this day! I couldn't believe that someone who does not believe that Taliban is enemy, is becoming a member of CAF! I even talked to The Cheater and he confirmed that I should talk to padre and go from there.
We had a few other awkward conversations and he stayed away from me as much as he did from anyone else. Then he came to me once, and this one I understood that he needed help but he was too proud to ask for that, and told me that he had problem with girls! He added that he could not mix up with these White guy(!), I'm quoting and he added to his previously considered thought that he should quit. There are quite a number of South Asian or East Indian families in the country that they are doing well. I think he was from a well-to-do family and being in CFLRS and hanging out with the people who mostly had problem making their end's meat or pay their basic bills was a problem for him. Anyways he said that a couple of girls had complaint about him and he would have PRB. I gave him a few pieces of advice and answered a few questions of him. The next time I saw the fucking bastard I realized that he not only was a hypocrite but was a big freaking lair! He, this time, said that he had a problem with Sergeant P (Whose story will be told later) over a bottle of water that he kept in his room for using in washroom! Many people with Islamic background do that. So the short version of it is that he got a Serious incident in his profile and told them that they were picking on him because of his origin! I don't know what parts of his story was right and what parts were made up but he threatened them that he would file for VR and since that's not good for a platoon's instructors, they tried to stop him. He eventually finished the course. However still had it in his mind that he should quit.
So one day he came to me, and surprisingly, sat at the table! He had a big smile on his face and said that he had finished the course and now he's so happy and relieved! He added that he wouldn't have to march anymore! I told him that he was wrong! His trade training would be soon started and it would be even harder than the basic training. Besides, I added, that now he's under the total control of military! They would tell him where to go, they would tell him what to wear, they would tell him what to eat and they would tell him where to live! He didn't like that, of course, and said that the military would prepare Halal food for him because they had to! I wasn't trying to make him quit. I just wanted to open his eyes because he's so stupid, proud (of nothing that he has) and immature! He said this was his country and he was Canadian and they had to provide to him whatever he wants! Here I went: No! You're not! I know that he had been born here from Pakistani parents but since he's such an asshole that even does not believe that Taliban is an extremist group who kills even their own people, I said that to him! He got mad and he said he would not talk anymore! Then he stood up and went and sat in the nearby desk. There he opened his mouth to say something and as soon as he did that, said: You said you wouldn't want to talk anymore! Didn't you?! Stop! I don't want to hear anything! He shut up and said nothing. Sat there and then left after a few minutes. That was the last time I saw him!
(Photo: A cartoon I found in the web. It's not intended to offend anyone. I just am trying to depict the guy. An angry and not-understanding, immature fella who would do anything wrong, if he was asked to. The Swiss Knife in his belt is funny!)

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