Monday, September 16, 2019

All the Purchases for Nothing!

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or in short KSA is the most brutal regime in the entire world. There's no doubt about that but because it's the biggest ally of the US, you don't hear much about it. People who know a little history have heard about what, for example, Japanese did in Manchuria during the Second European War (which is known as WWII in the public!) or what Khmer Rouge did to Cambodia. Saudi Arabia is much worse than anything you have ever read or heard. The whole country is ran by a family and they even named the country after themselves: Saudi, which means from Al-e-Saud, the surname of the family! Saudi Arabia is the biggest ally of the US in the region by keeping the price of oil to the level which is desirable to the US, by purchasing billions of dollars of war supplies, by fighting Iran in every and each front and in a nutshell by doing anything the US wants them to do either in the region or the entire world.  The Saudis helped Chechen rebels during the 1990 Chechen War. They founded and supplied Taliban in the 80's and 90's and still are helping them through Pakistan
This photo, courtesy of CBC, shows the area bombed by drones in Saudi Arabia recently
However one things is not clear to me that with all that technical support and all those billions of dollars spent on its military, how did the Saudis get hit by a number of drones in a way that their entire oil production is interrupted, regardless of who did it?! Saudi Arabian F-15s shot down Iranian F-4s with the help of American AWACS back in 1984 which is a completely different story. How is it that now that the area is as hot as the 80's, with Yemen War and conflicts in Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, the Saudis are not as prepared?! 
Anyway regardless of the responsible party for what has happened, that was a good punishment for the brutal regime of murderers of Saudi Arabia
(Photo, top: This chart shows Saudi Arabia as the biggest arm importer from the US)

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