Sunday, September 01, 2019

Factors Affecting Sexual Orientation

I remember one evening I and a couple of buddies in the old country were heading somewhere and we stopped at a bakery on our way. Bakeries in the old country are different from what you see here in Canada. First of all the beard are all flat which is nice for making wraps or simply dipping them in your stew or whatever. Second of all you stay in a line, if the bakery is busy, and wait for the bread to come out of the oven hot and you'd take it.
It was more than 20 years ago. I don't remember much detail. What I do remember is one of the bakers, as the bakery has a number of employees working together, told me that his co-workers don't let him sleep at nights! It was very common that people share a place so they don't have to pay a lot on those days. I'm sure it probably is the same now although the situation has changed and I don't know how the low-income can survive. I know this has been the practice for East Indian workers in UAE for years.  In Canada though if the landlord fined someone not on the lease, they will kick both the actual tenant and the other one out unless the landlord is East Indian! Here in Canada, or more specifically in Alberta I remember a few years ago there was a fuss about foreign workers who worked in a fast food joint and I guess they were sleeping in the premises!
Gay and Lesbian club in 11th Ave. SW, Calgary. Looks like a sort of event is going on as a media vehicle is parked in front of the main entrance. Two rainbow flags are hanging. Just hard to see
Someone might wonder why I'm telling story of a guy villager from the old country 20 years after it happened and now that I'm in Canada! Here's why:
There was a news on the radio a couple of days ago indicating that physicians have been researching about the factors which affect people's sexual orientation and they have considers the two factors of gene and environment as the most important and influential ones. They then denied the first factor, gene and  just stuck to the second one, meaning no one is born homosexual. The story I told above is the good proof that the fella scientists are correct! That only was it!
(Photo: This, unfortunately, is not a good picture but a bar/restaurant in Downtown Calgary is hanging homosexual flags out of his windows to celebrate the parade day, I would think)

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