Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Poor First Nation Man

* Disclaimer: This post in no manner has any intention to offend or downgrade the indigenous people of North America and most specifically Canada where this story happened. Please read carefully and do not make silly conclusions. This just is something happened which made me sad but similar to many things that happens in my daily life, I would like to narrate that here *
When I went to work today I was introduced to a man who, apparently, was there to cover for our temporary worker who was absent for a reason. Our temp. is a crazy Nicotine-addicted guy from one of the former USSR republics in European side, which I wish not to reveal, but because he has a good relationship with the supervisor (they both speak Russian) he is kept there. Anyways his story is separate but the supervisor told me that I should help the new fella to work with us. Fine, I said. As we went to start I asked him if he was Native and he said yes! I scored big in the first encounter. From the beginning the poor guy showed signs of lack of focus, bad vision and other physical signs which proved to me that he would not fit in but I didn't want to get the chance form him. I then realized his hands were shaking while I asked him to do something easy. He also had difficulty reading, as I said. However we worked together until the lunch break without any issue. He seemed to me a guy who was trying to recover from his past. He was clean shaven with acceptable clothing for a worker but sure he stunk. It proved to me that he had issues in the past that he was trying to move on and get back to a normal life although it seemed a little late. One thing I know is shaking hands is a sign of excessive alcohol consumption. When I say excessive, I mean way more than what some even can imagine. I always have said that The Chef is a heavy drinker but I don't think he reached this guy although The Chef has his own problems.
Anyways we carried out after the break and he seemed more focused and worked smoothly until when I was helping and I realized that he was suffering form a sort of pain. I saw that in his face and asked him what had happened. He said that he hit his foot and he had a muscle spasm. He then suddenly bolted off! He started walking so fast and went to the other side of the workplace where usually two people work but they were on their break. I followed him to see if he was OK but was not able to catch up with him and when I got closer I saw him falling but we were all lucky that he landed on his hands or he would have been seriously injured. I ran and called the supervisor. That was the time we both saw he had a seizure. It was not so bad at the beginning and he was able to respond to the supervisor's questions and kept saying that he had a muscle spasm in a certain part of his body but then as soon as the supervisor called the ambulance he got worse and foamed up his mouth and his shaking became more violent. It continued until shortly before the arrival of the medical crew. They spent a little time with him and since he had came back to normal position, they took him away. 
I felt really bad for the guy. As I said it was clear to me that he was a guy with a hard past who was trying to recover and come back to the regular life by having a temporary job but unfortunately did not succeed. One thing that I did not understand is whether the impact he had on his foot triggered the problem or what? I guess I never know. I hope he gets better and get back to regular. Unfortunately I know that the people who get seizure will never recover completely. 
(Photo: A Canadian flag decorated with indigenous people signs and symbols)

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