Friday, September 20, 2019

Small Place Job

With all the opportunities gone in the past two month or so, I finally decided to work the job that I was interviewed for by The Weird Guy! How long can someone survive in a Capitalist society without a job?! A very long time, as long as sleeping on a park bench and eating off food bank is not a problem for him or her! Or ... or he or she has no problem breaking in to residences and shoplift from the stores! Many people in Canada have chosen to live like that. And yes! They have chosen the way of living themselves! If I'm in this mess, having a low paid job and living in a rented disgusting place after all these years in Canada, it's my own fault! I don't blame anyone else for that! If The Chef is f*cked up in the a*s so hard that he, and I'm only quoting here, can't even sleep at night, is this his own fault or someone else's?
Anyways this is a very small place which supplies food to different businesses and despite its size it has some 20 employees just in this location that I work and probably half of them are in the workplace and working 8 hours a day and the other half are of course mobile. The Weird Guy so far has been very nice, friendly and helpful but I will write about him in more detail, probably in the upcoming posts. The pay is even less than the job that I found when I came back from CFLRS but what can I do? At least this is depositing some dollars to my account every two weeks. 
(Photo: Healthy eating is something that the majority of the people don't even think about it. I wish these foods were what the company I work for supply but they provide today's food to the public: Chemically enhanced materials! It's OK. Food is not the only factor which affects longevity!)

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