Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Polar Vortex

Calgary and most of Alberta has plummeted to a deep freeze since Sun. I was at work this past Sat. and the supervisor, the Chinese man, surprisingly approached me and asked me if I could start at 04:30 hours on Sun. I started this job just 2 months ago and I've had a number of mistakes. So saying no to the supervisor, who by the way is not a bad person, would have been detrimental to my job, especially in this market. I said yes and the supervisor thanked me a lot but due to eating too much on Sat. night(!) I wasn't able to sleep and left home at about 03:55 hours. I had the entire 14th Street to myself but when I got to work, I was like a zombie! 
My car's thermometer always shows 2 degrees C warmer. I took this yesterday afternoon on my way home. -30 degrees Celsius which is equal to -22 degrees Fahrenheit  
I worked the entire shift and while I was heading home, The Lazy Ass called and asked if I wanted to join for a meal at Gate to India. Why the hell not? Who would say no to a nice East Indian meal, especially if someone else is paying for it?! (I paid the first time we went there together). The temperature on Sun. for something around -27 ℃ (-16.6 ℉) and went lower and lower until today which is -31  (-23.8 ℉) and I'm going to leave home at around noon.
This is my bedroom window from inside! Taken this morning
One thing I have to say is that Canadians are, without a doubt, amongst the strongest nations in the world. There were as low as probably 2% absenteeism at work and I even saw people on bicycles yesterdays. Canadians should be proud of themselves that they keep this country up and running even under polar vortex. I, too, am proud that I have been able to keep up.
(Photo, top: Environment & Climate Change Canada website shows this morning's temperature in Calgary. That's the most trusted website for weather which I frequently visit)

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