Friday, January 24, 2020

The Year of Rat

It's Chinese New Year tomorrow and of course people of Chinese decent celebrate tonight. We had a sort of celebration at work as the company is owned by Chinese, mostly. Lunch was served in that style and surprisingly was not bad. There was, of course White Rice and Noodles, which I avoided them both but there was also Sweet & Sour Pork and Fried Chicken, which I tried them both. 
I took 4 trips to the table and ate as much that I was about to explode! No I'm just kidding! I still had room! The fact is most of the people, or better to say, all people drink something with their food: water, pop and in Western countries, Wine. I drink nothing! 
Drinking alongside eating your food not only dilutes your acid in the stomach which eventually prevents a good digestion, but also feels your stomach and of course gets full faster. There were a couple of bottles which from distance looked like Olive Oil to me(!) but then I was told they were disgusting sweetened tea(!) which I don't even touch. There were fruit and desserts including Tofu dessert which I think is very popular within East Asian community. I have read bad reviews about Tofu in general and avoided that at first but tried one and it wasn't anything special! I would never spend any money on something like that! 
As per rat that this name is named after, I don't know what to say! I hate rats! They are nasty, creepy and full of diseases! What makes people naming their year after a disgusting rodent? I don't know! I know some people in India worship rats! They even have a temple for them! The Chef told me once and I saw pictures of that on the net! The stupid people have no enough to eat and they feed the rats in the temple(!) but I have no idea what a rat might mean in Chinese culture. I might ask one of the fellas at work.
(Photo: This is the least disturbing picture of a rat that I was able to find in the net!)

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