Saturday, January 11, 2020

How Was I Attacked by an Oriental Guy?!

I was driving home the other night at around 19:30 and it was cold, slippery and snowy. Somewhere between Edmonton Tr. and 16th Ave., I made a turn to avoid the damn traffic lights. Then at 11th Ave. waited at the stop sign to make a left turn on Edmonton Tr. and go to Downtown.
I was watching the road carefully and all of a sudden saw someone at my window (driver side, of course) who was saying something like " I f--- you up! " or something similar while pointing his index finger at me! At first I though he wanted to address something or ask an address but then he punched the side mirror in a way that the cap came off and fell on the street! I jumped out of the car but the asshole coward Oriental, most likely a Chinese ran like a fucking dog, got in to his vehicle, a Silver Honda CR-V and sped off north-band Edmonton Tr.! My mistake here was not being able to get his plate number! I think I got too excited to be able to think rationally although later on the police told me that no charge would be laid on him.
I grabbed my phone, after the guy ran away and called emergency and reported the incident. The operator got the information from me and two CPS officers came after about 15 min. The senior officer studied the area and took note and then put the mirror cap and re-installed it! This, he concluded, led to no charge because there was no damage! Here, again, thanks to Toyota for excellent design and manufacturing but the trauma was bad!
I was quite surprised by the way the man acted but he had no chance, had he stayed at the scene. I would have broken his fucking neck, of course after he hit me, no matter how lightly! I always considered the Oriental guys, particularly the Chinese, calm and orderly people despite a number of bad experiences I've had with them. This incident proved that there could be bad people within every community. This, however, proved that the Orientals are cowards, no doubt. He knew he had no chance, had he stayed at the scene as I indicated earlier. Ran away like a dog which is kicked in the butt, the freaking asshole!
(Photo: A truck similar to this, carrying CPS officers arrived at the scene shortly after the incident. Thanks CPS for the quick response despite the fact that it was not a serious one) 

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