Sunday, January 05, 2020

Surprised by the Contact

Newlywed e-mailed me a few days ago and asked when he could call. We talked over the phone yesterday for more than half an hour. He, to my surprise, was worried about my well being particularly after I told him that I no longer lived with The Lady. This is far rare within East Indian community. They don't care and barely hang out about other people. A good example of that is The Mumbling Guy who never calls or checks on me unless I call him and I decided not to, starting this year.
He told me how great his life has become since he has his daughter and held his shaky relationship with his wife, He then gave me a recruiter's phone number and asked me to call him on Mon. I, most likely will but I'm not looking for any temporary job. The stress has significant affect on my life. I appreciated him and we both wished that we could meet soon especially now that he's moving to northern British Columbia for the new job offer he has.

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