Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Stupid Mistake by Trump Administration

This is something that I couldn't close my eyes to although it happened at the other side of the globe, not this side that I always write about: The assassination of General Qasem Soleimani in Iraq. I have never been a supporter of The Islamic Republic of Iran and in fact in a post called The Islamic Murderers of Republic of Iran but I believe what Trump did was a mistake regardless of what the Iranians, led by Soleimani had done prior to that. 
First of all that was an act of terrorism. There's no difference between what The IMRI did to its opposition leaders such as Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar and what Trump did to Soleimani. Second of all that act not only does not stop violence in the region but also will increase it. The IMRI now has supporters and affiliates in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and a number of other countries in the region as well of agents and supporters around the world. Anything can happen any day. This will be a never-ending war. 
I also believe that Soleimani had role of protecting Iran from ISIS. What he did in northern Iraq basically protected the country from being destroyed like Iraq. He was a soldier who protected his country though he had to obey The Supreme Leader. His role in the devastating 8-year Iraq-Iraq War is not known to me but he was a volunteer who, again, defended his country from the Iraqi bastards at the time. 
Two years after Trump was elected, I, unlike what many may think, had lots of respect for him. I think many Americans did. Unemployment was very low, illegal immigration was being dealt with, China was being held back and all good things he was doing. I, travelled to the US twice and did not have to wait at the border for more than 1 minute
Now everything is changed and unpredictable. We don't know to what extend these two crazy guys are going to go at each other but one thing is probably easy to predict: Trump's re-election is very unlikely. And for the last word: I don't think I will get any number of days off in 2020 to be able to travel but if I get, I make sure I will travel to the US to see what the reaction of the CBP would be!
(Photo: An Iranian poster which shows the reaction of the people to Soleimani's assassination. A kid is putting a photo of him up)

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