Saturday, July 04, 2020

An Authentic and Beautiful Fight!

I witnessed a very intensive and at the same time beautiful fight at work today. It was so interesting that I decided to have a post for that and here it is:
Two Chinese employees, a man and a woman, both working in the same department and both almost at the same level, having a number of people working under their so-called leadership (I doubt they even are able to define what real leadership is about!) were in the breakroom and into a very heated argument. It was really easy to understand that they are fighting: The tone of their voices, body language, loudness and eventually the woman burst into tears! 
It was not a load crying but I easily sensed that in her voice and then saw that she was wiping her eyes! What I assume, based on the English words that they had to threw in their Mandarin, is the supervisor was not happy with their performance, or perhaps it's better to say the performance of the woman's team and has mentioned that to her and the woman knew the guy responsible and they were arguing over that. Eventually the man stood over the top of the woman's head and they continued their talk for a little more until the guy left. 
The Chinese is probably one of the strongest communities in anywhere they live. They support each other like no other people but this time there was no support. 
(Photo: A Chinese girl, loyal to the central government of the People's Republic of China is protecting the Chinese flag from Hong Kong demonstrators who are opposing to the new Chinese rule which limits their freedom. During the conflict over Hong Kong many of the Chinese supported their government and even participated in rallies)

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