Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Two Vital Things for Canada

With Coronavirus around and limiting almost everything these days and low income, there's nothing to do but work, eat and sleep. The lather, though, has become not very pleasant either! It was hot last night and I barely slept. Today I have a little time and I thought I should have a brief post about the two essentials that Canada cannot survive without them for a month! What are they?
1- Cheap immigrant/refugee labour force.
2- Alcohol
Let's have a look at them in detail. Shall we?

1- Cheap Labour: Canada has been using cheap labour since its foundation. Chinese and Indians, to be specific Sikhs, are amogst the ones who were let in, or brought to, the country to do hard work that the average Caucasian normally escapes from. The city of Abbotsford in British Columbia has a big population of Indian Sikhs who were pushed by the British to this part of the world more than 100 years ago to do the labour job. Today they come on their own to run gas stations, work in factories, have small businesses, work as security guard, you name it and they use any possible way. 
The Chinese, I think, built the railroad mainly and then of course were absorbed by other industries. Today in addition to the two main group of cheap labours, Africans, Filipinos, Latinos and Arabs are flocking to the country to fill the jobs that is not filled by the average Caucasian
I'll give you an example: There are between 10 to 15 employees in the department I work at the moment and there are only two Caucasians. One has a very easy job, comes early and leaves early and never stays for overtime. The other one does the same thing that I do, comes early and leaves early and never stays overtime as well. The rest are foreigners. This actually is a little higher than a fully labour job. It's semi-labour job because you need to know some stuff to be able to do it properly. Usually a FOB has a hard time to do that. So they have to give it to someone who has spent a few years in Canada and knows his right hand from left.

A man in his early to mid. 60's is entering a liquor store on 14th Street SW Calgary. Once you're hooked up with alcohol, there's barely any way to cut the cord! 
 2- Alcohol: This is an inseparable part of Canadian and in general Western Culture. Not to mention that other nations seem to have caught up with Canadian and Americans and drink more! To name, Chinese have become a big importer of fine wine. You shut down the liquor stores in one Canadian city for a week, a 
part of a pilot project, you see the result and determine if that could be done to other parts of country. I, myself am pro-hypothesis. I can tell you that the whole city goes to chaos! People kill each other and burn buildings! Why do you think liquor stores were considered essential when Coronavirus hit hard back in March? The Premier is smart enough to know what would happen, if they get closed! Not to mention that he was smart enough to keep the revenue flowing! Ne knew that Canadians might not go to a supermarket and buy groceries to make dinner and would exchange that with a cheesy Hamburger from McDonald's but they would get their booze! 
(Photo: A group of Indian or as it's said here in Canada East Indian roommates in their shared room in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. India and Pakistan provide the majority of workforce for this tiny country on the south of Persian Gulf and yes these people all live in this room together. The condition of cheap labour in Canada is slightly better than this)

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