Sunday, December 21, 2003


TV commercials are unbelievable here. Although I don't have cable, but most of the time I see so interesting and amazing commercials. I can't help smiling after watching them. The smile comes to my face automatically! It's hard to write about a commercial clip and gives the reader the same feeling but I try my best.
This one is for a watch: A large space rocket is shown and in a second. The engines are ignited and it lifts off while a car approaches the space centre and an astronaut gets out the car and sees it is leaving!
And this unique one is for a kind of cheese:
There's a crime scene with officers, detectives and cops around, investigating, taking photos and searching for finger prints. One sees a dish consisting of different foods. He looks every corner of the room around and makes sure that nobody is around and starts having cheese. Then notices that there's a photo of that dish, shows there's cheese rather to other things. He grabs the photo and pushed it to his pocket and takes another one from the dish without cheese. His boss or may be his colleague arrives and shows him a surveillance camera at a corner!!!

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