Tuesday, December 16, 2003

New Friend

A Russian girl, called Elena, sent e-mail to me a couple of weeks ago and showed interest in me. She is very young, 23, I guess and lives near Moscow. Her English is not very good but I try to understand her. She works as a designer. (clothing?). I hope it continues.
The map of Russian Federation, above, shows where Elena lives. She uses Lenasar as a nickname. I don't know what that means. Should ask her.
Renay the East Indian, nice, pretty and young girl from Edmonton, called me the weekend before and talked to me for minutes. She again asked me to come over Edmonton and showed interest in knowing me and talking about marriage. She also promised me, for the third time, that she will send me her photo. I was waiting the whole last week and didn't c any in my mail box. Therefore last night when I met her online I asked her about her promise and after a couple of minutes talking on the net, we broke up without even one date! She is still thinking of the guy who used to be her boyfriend in Fiji and left her.

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