Sunday, December 14, 2003


Curling is one of popular games here in Canada, especially in Saskatchewan. The game, which is an indoor one, has been invented in Scotland (like many others!) I can't compare it to any game that I already knew and I don't know much about the rules and regulations. All I know is there are two teams comprised of 3 players. One slides something like a pot(!), called rock (or curling rock) on an icy surface toward a target circle, while two of his/her teammates are sweeping the path, in front of the rock. Seems it helps the rock slides smoothly and gets to the target which is the marked circle as seen in the photo above.
But why I'm writing about this. Let me tell you:
As curling is not a hard sport, not like hockey, wrestling or weightlifting, it can be done by men and even women (it's very popular among women here) in old ages. An old man at the age of 76 is complaining based on Canadian charter of rights and freedom to whoever because he's using a delivery stick while it's forbidden to do so by the association. He says he's deprived of his right and while of his knee injury he has to use the stick.
(Photo: A curler at the first stage of sliding)

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