Monday, December 01, 2003

Khadr Case: The Story Continues

A young Arab-Canadian guy is back home after months being detained in Guantanamo Bay Camp. Abdul-Rahman Khadr is from an Egyptian father and a Palestinian mother and is only 20. When he arrived at Lester L. Pearson International Airport and it was shown on CBC - he said he was innocent and the only reason he had been arrested in Kabul and was sent to the camp was because he was originally Arab. But there was another report in The National tonight and he admitted that he had been trained in Afghanistan!! He revealed it in a press conference while sitting beside his lawyer. A reporter asked him: Was it an Al-Qaeda training camp? He answered: No. It was an Al-Qaeda related camp(!!!)
His father was a Taliban financial supporter. Afghans told the CBC reporter that he had packed and left Kabul just one day before Northern Alliance freed the city(!!) The family used to live in Ontario but they moved to Afghanistan when Soviets invaded the country, in order to support the Holy War. His younger brother, Omar, 15, is still in Americans' custody in the Camp. The US has recently begun to free few prisoners from the camp in Cuba. There are hundreds of them there from 42 different countries, without any charge and legal rights.
(Photo: Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The US has occupied it since 1903 and pay $4000 annually as rent!)