Sunday, December 14, 2003

Six Feet Under

Although I went to bed very late last night (Sat. night) but woke up early, around 08:00 AM. Turned the TV on and was shocked! Saddam is captured by Americans in his hometown of Tikrit, without a single shot last night. A very good news. All the TV channels that I access to abandoned their regular programs (mostly about Christmas, started one month ago!) and broadcast reports on Saddam's capture. He was found in a tomb-like hole six feet under the ground. That reminded me of a very popular TV series in North America which has never been watched by me because of lack of cable TV: Six Feet Under. I may watch it trough a DVD-ROM later.
Some say the US violated Geneva convention relative to treatment of prisoners of war. It's also said that Americans did that because Saddam showed American POW and KIA in Iraqi TV.
(Photo: This sketch shows how the murderer, Saddam, was hiding from the Americans and others; in a grave!)