Thursday, December 04, 2003

Gas Price and Exchange Rate

Gas price is not fixed here. Sometimes it changes even every day. Although it's winter now and we had flurry and it's cold as usual but gas price is goin' down. It was 60.9 on Mon., 60.05 yesterday and 59.9, I guess, today! All prices in cent/liter. I bought gas for 58.4, the night before I flew to B. C. at ESSO. It's very good for people who drive long distances every day. I don't but mine is really inexpensive in gas. About 6 L in 100 km in the city.
Also exchange rate went up to 77.04 cents of Canadian dollar for 1 American. The highest in last 10 years. But it's not good for some businesses which export to the US.

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