Thursday, December 11, 2003

So Much to Do and So Little Time

I haven't written here for days. That's because of shortage of time. And also this damn computer has a problem. I think it has a virus. PC Clean 2000 doesn't find anything but I think it's really old and I have to do something before I lose my information and everything here.
I also have to move to deep south as soon as possible. May be at the end of this month. I can save at least 2 hours, I think. I also started my application for M. Sc. The candidate universities are: U of T, U of A, UW, U of M and may be U of C. I prefer not to go to the last one 'cause I wanna a change in my place. Waterloo is good 'cause it's a good school and recognized and also it's close to a major industrial area. Kami H., and Farbod, live there. Toronto is good too. U of Alberta, which is in Edmonton, is another choice. My sweetie, Renay, lives there, although I can't count on her!!
I wrote a letter to Dr. Fatemi, my professor in AKU and asked him a letter of reference. Must wait and see if he answers. Must take a TOEFL (damn it) course too. That's how it is. Tough.

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