Thursday, April 15, 2004

A Good Photographer Always Has a Camera Handy

I went for a ride to Glenmore Park, Fri. and Sun. afternoon. There were very nice days but windy and changing and also partly cloudy, especially Fri. Glenmore Reservoir was still partly frozen but very beautiful, although it was about 20 C, sometimes. Ducks, Canadian Geese and some other birds were sailing. The park was not crowded. On Fri., while I was heading home on a hill I saw beautiful flowers like Saffron. I wish I had my camera on me. The whole ride took 01:35:15 218. The other day it took only 01:31:30:744, although I stopped for some photos. Today it was snowing and a little bit cold. It’s very unpredictable weather here and you will face problems, if you don’t listen to weather forecast.

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