Tuesday, April 20, 2004

What Do They Ask You?

I was supposed to get a phone call from Simmons Canada, last Fri. for an interview with its Quality Control Manager on Mon. but didn’t get it. It means this opportunity is gone too. Although it was not a professional one but seems good as it was an afternoon job, in the city, close to my place and a secure one. And the most important: no physical, labour job. I could focus on my studies and also do my sport exercises, and lot more.
Now I’m gonna write the important questions in the interview and also some phone interviews I had and CT's. The best possible answers are presented too.
(Simmons questions comes with an (s) and CT’s with a (c). The phone calls are indicated by (p)):

a) Questions:
1- (s) Why did you choose Calgary to live? It’s Oil and Gas Industry city.
My answer: I chose Calgary because it's a less expensive city for new comers compare to Toronto and Vancouver where most of immigrants settle down. I don't know whether or not it's a good answer. I guess it's not.

2- (s)(c) How do you deal with different ethnic group of people?
My answer: I do not have any problem with other people. I treat everyone equally. There were people of different races in my previous job, including Blacks and Indians.

3- (c) Give me an example of being honest at work.

4- (s) What’s your plan for next 10 years?
The best answer for this could be: I'm gonna focus on my job, then marry my fiancee, buy a house and live happily forever! I didn't say that, although I was told by Mr. Taheri to do so. I forgot that. I don't remember what I said.

5- (s) Do you see any problem with applying JIT and the level of quality of the products?
I think I had a silly answer for this question and I don't know why! I said: In my opinion fast-paced work environment is the enemy of quality but I take care of that. (The QC Supervisor was gazing at me like I'm a real dumb!)

6- (s) What kind of competency can you offer us?
You should give them the exact speciality they are looking for. Can find them during interview or in the add.

7- (s) Do you consider yourself as a successful person?
You should always be positive and show you are confident and are there to get that the job. I didn't!

8- (s) What do you expect from the company?
I really don't know what's the answer for this. I said I need a safe place to work and I'm sure it is.

9- (s) What salary do you ask us?
Here again you shouldn't beg for money. Negotiable is usually a good answer, I guess.

10- (s) Can you easily communicate with others? (Prob. fluency in English is the issue here)
My answer: I have no prob. with that. Have some good friends here, Canadians. I talk to them and have usu. good time with them.

11- (s) Was your previous boss sad, when you left him?
My answer: I can't say he was sad but he was very happy with me always at work.

12- (s) Why did you leave your job to come to Canada?
My answer: To try something new. I really have no idea about the best answer for this question.

I've to ask all the best answers from Mr. Taheri.