Tuesday, April 27, 2004

What's New With The Friends?

Elena's still in touch with me, writing almost everyday. Renay, the pretty, nice East Indian girl sent me 2 e-mails as a forwarded message and I replied back. She stopped sending me. I also send a card for her birthday but she never answered or e-mailed me back. It means it's over. East Indians are real racists. I barely see an East Indian girl with a guy from anywhere else or an East Indian guy with a girl of another race. As I mentioned before she thought I was Gujarati and sent me her number, showing her interest in me. Gujarat is in western India.
I met a Colombian woman in Superstore, while we (me and Keiv) were leaving. I gave her my number and she gave me her. We met in a Second Cup in Signal Hills and talked for 2 hours. Luz Elena's a middle-aged woman, I can say in her late 30s, having 3 kids. She told me that she broke up with her husband after 15 years just 2 days before I met her in Superstore! She speaks English with strong Spanish accent. Very Bad!