Monday, April 05, 2004


There are cheap movie theatres in the city that you can go and watch old movies there. By old movie, I don’t mean 50s or 60s movies. I mean last year’s movies and movies of a few months ago. Sometimes even the ones from like 5 or 6 years ago. Not older than that.
Among them is Dreamplex, right next to Sunridge Mall. The ticket is only $3.
Andrew called me yesterday morning and said he’d come over to go and catch a movie together. So we went there and watched Monster.
Incredible movie. I almost cried at the end, especially when Andrew said that’s a true story. Charlize Theron performs as a prostitute named Aileen Wuornos and her performance is unbelievably beautiful. It’s so realistic and she’s too much in to the character that you think it’s literally her. She won 2003’s best actress Academy Award and Golden Globe for that. If you wanna watch a good movie, it’s highly recommended and If you are as emotional as I am, expect weeping too. You may burst into tears.
We went home after that for a cup of Golestan tea, which he loves it and I listened to some songs which Andrew played with his acoustic guitar and sang it, some songs of a Newfoundlander singer, some of his own and one of John Denver’s, mostly nice and amazing but also sad ‘cause it talks about Newfoundlanders’ movement to the west, Cowboys’ territory, because of joblessness. I recorded few of them with my digital recorder.
(Photo: Charlize Theron as a prostitute in Monster,right and what she really looks like)