Saturday, April 10, 2004

Khadr Family Is Back to Canada!!

Khadr family, which I wrote about before, is back to Canada. The mother and the paralysed son, karim came to Toronto yesterday, from Pakistan via Britain but the sister (The very extremist one!) the fugitive brother, the detained brother and another sister (How many are these f**ks?!) are not here. This proves how crazy Canadians are! The Canadian Citizenship is now turned to Canadian Citizen-cheap! Every jackass gets citizenship and a passport and does whatever s/he wants to do and no one complains!
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service claims that has everything under control and Khadrs are not a threat to the nation. The f**king bitch said to CBC documentary reporter that they have lived with Ben-Laden family. Now she was playing a role and weeping in the airport, saying we have no tie to Al-Qaeda!! I wonder isn't she ashamed? These f**king Arabs lie as much as they can and it's like breathing for them. It's said many Canadians are insulted by what the Federal Government did. karim Khadr, who is back to Canada on a wheelchair, was shot in spine when he was fighting against Pakisatni solders last Oct. His father was killed in action.