Saturday, June 05, 2004

CQE Exam.

Although I didn't sleep enough last night but woke up on time and went to SAIT to write CQE exam. I hardly found the room as I sometimes become a real idiot! I didn't even take a look at the ASQ's paper as the building and room number is written on it. For the reason, I get to the room just 5 min. before the exam started! There were only 7 applicants present, including me! 2 Canadian girls, 2 East Indian men, 2 Canadian guys and me.
It was not a difficult exam but I made several mistakes:
1- I had not studied the last chapter of CQE Primer which is about DOE, Taguchi's Loss Function and Goodness of fit. DOE is very important and there were at least 6 questions about it in the exam. God damn Quality Council of Indiana and f**k its useless reference! I have to buy a book about DOE anyways.
2- I didn't take my calculator as it's written in the ASQ paper that kind of mine is not allowed in the exam! Therefore I couldn't answer 2 questions about factorial (!) and one about exponential (e).
3- I didn't read the letter and I really didn't know where the exam is as there's usually signs all over the school. By the time I get there it was 07:55 but it didn't change anything, though. It was definitely stupid.
4- I could take more useful references. For example Statistical Process Control and Quality Improvement by Gerald M. Smith is a good reference. Also a reliable and good reference for DOE and other subjects that I know I may need a reference.
** I have to concentrate on the following subjects, if I wanna write the exam again, in case of failing:
a) Linear Regression.
b) DOE (A complete and deep study is essential. Design and Analysis of Experiments, Fifth Edition, by Douglas C. Montgomery must be purchased)
c) Risk Priority Number (RPN) in FMEA.
d) Refer to Supervision in Canada Today for different job satisfactory theories. I don't know why it's here!
e) CQE Codes of Ethics.

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