Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Das Boot

Das Boot (German, meaning boat) is a very interesting movie, directed by Wolfgang Petersen. It's the story of a German submarine, hunting British supply vessels during WWII. I watched the movie first, when I was in Iran. It was broadcasted as a serial. I enjoyed a lot. Here I bought the DVD last year and watched it with Ray, last weekend. It worth watching with him, as he knows almost everything about the Navy and he explains the detail while we were watching the movie. In the movie, when a destroyer drops Depth Charges for the submarine, he explained that if depth charges are dropped triangularly, it could be the end of the sub. One of them will hit it, for sure. All the actors and actresses of the movie are German, as well as the director but they speak English in the movie and that's the weak part of it. It would be better if they spoke German and the movie has English caption.
Completion: The DVD has the option of playing the movie in German, with English subtitle
(Photo: This is the engine room in Das Boot, probably after an attack. The mechanic or whatever his title is, is shouting an order or replying back)

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