Monday, June 07, 2004

Elena Is Gone

Elena e-mailed me and said she could not wait until next summer for our meeting and prefers to stop corresponding with me. It's OK. What can I do? She's thousands of kilometers away from me and thinks it's easy to fly to Russia to see her. Regardless of the ticket cost, I have no free time to go there. The best scenario would be a travel to Europe, next summer, then Iran and the final destination could be Russia. But she's not patient. Therefore I e-mailed her back and mentioned that whatever she wants, would be acceptable by me.
She could be a good wife, although I don't know her. At least I could see Russia, the country I always dream about, but now it's gone. I think I can find another girl through the net. Elena started mailing me. She found me through a friend finder , the website that I was a member for a short time. Her English is very poor but I thought she could learn. I think she has found someone in there as she's a very pretty girl. Here is one of her e-mails to me:

Good afternoon, my dear!
Today at us it is again hot!
And yesterday there was a rain. A strong rain!
And on this I would not like where - that to be late.
Besides I all have got wet. As since morning has not taken with itself
in the morning for work a umbrella.
How at you mood?
You think of me?
I yes! And I very much like to think of you!!!
But sometimes I should interrupt from these pleasant ideas.
Though it is very a pity … …..
Very much, very much you I love!!!
Passionately you kiss!!!!
Strong I embrace!!!!
Your sweet girl!
I think of you!

The letter is written on June.02, just 4 days before she complain about the date of my travel to Russia! It means she has found someone in the between, probably someone in Canada, where she always dreams about!

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