Friday, June 25, 2004


I received the exam result today from ASQ. I failed! God damn me! As I wrote before, I didn't study the DOE part and that was an important part of the BOK. I guess I have to spend almost $150 to buy a DOE reference and study it hard. I, too, may buy the CQE BOK of ASQ. The last one I used was Quality Council of Indiana's and I had lots of problem with that. I sent at least 5 e-mails to them (may be more) and asked the vague parts. Besides that there are parts that I had to use another references or I didn't study at all and that was one of the reasons of failing.
The following is my results, compare to the average of people who passed the exam. I got 460 and the least score I needed (and I'll need) is 550.


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