Friday, June 04, 2004

One Win Away from the Cup

The Flames beat the Lightnings in Florida and is ready to win the Cup this Sat. in Calgary. I and Ray were watching the 1st and the only overtime of the game together. After several attacks by Tampa which resulted in nothing, I noticed that they r fatigued now and just try to defend multiple Calgary’s attacks and told that to Ray. Finally, in about 6 min. to go, Oleg Saprykin the Russian player of the Flames, passed the puke through his compatriots’ legs and made Calgary the winner. A sweet 3-2 OT win.
If Calgary wins Sat. game, Lord Stanley's Cup will be the Flames’ after 15 years again.

This photo taken by the net's camera shows just a sec. before the puke crosses Khabibulin's and Calgary wins another game in overtime.

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