Friday, June 04, 2004

Iranian Devil

Ray, my new roommate, has a wonderful story but it's too long to be narrated all here at once. One of the interesting parts of his life was serving the Navy. He's a sharp guy and also strong. He does martial arts and works out when he has time. He also fought in Iran-Iraq war. Therefore he was accepted by the Navy and served there but only left to finish the school and get his Ph. D. They used to call him Iranian Devil there.
Completion: I now understand that he served the Navy in order to be able to continue the school. They provide you with fund and other things, I guess. Something he never told me like many other things. He lies a lot and made up stories. But you find out soon and never buy what he says again and never trust him.
(Photo: Ray, wearing camouflage in the Navy training)

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